György Kurtág


„Understanding and virtuosity are in the Pierre-Laurent Aimard class.”
--- Stephan Plaistow, The Gramophone, February  2005


“Performing Beethoven’s Diabeli variations, with the fantastic, bordering on the incredible, titanic piano playing. Csalog becomes a worthy partner to the composer.”
--- Zoltan Farkas, Hungarian Radio UZU, 1999


“The Csalog concert is in essence an institution.”
--- János Mácsai, Hungarian Radio UZU, 2002


“In the strict sense of the word, Csalog is a medium, conveying the authentic at any time. ..His Schuman-performance, if not in every aspect, can be firmly placed next to Richter’s….”
Zoltan Kocsis, HOLMI, November 1990


„…He is capable of expressing the most hidden values and beauty of any style of works  and place them in such a light as if met them for the first time. He is able to create the magical atmosphere of great art.
György Kurtág, 1992 28 April


„...Csalog wielded silences with extraordinary power”
Grace Jean, 2005 12 March, The Washington Post


In contrast to Horowitz’s Scriabin, Gábor Csalog is a cooler yet no less involved interpreter, with plenty of his own ideas. This absorbing, well-recorded release is highly recommended.
---Jed Distler, 2006 14 April classicstoday.com/review